Wedding planning services

We are here to give advice and support about every aspect of planning your wedding abroad.  It's easy to be overwhelmed with choices and options and although we can't help you with all the decisions you will have to make, like who will be your bridesmaids, we can help you with everything related to the ceremony and reception.   

If you have chosen Rancho as your wedding venue you are probably not looking for something overly formal, but even an informal wedding needs to be well organised.  We live here and have the knowledge, experience and contacts to make the planning a breeze and for the celebrations to run smoothly.   We have online shared planning forms and will update you regularly on progress.

So when your celebrations begin you can relax and rest-assured that we've got you covered, leaving you to enjoy every minute of this gloriously, happy occasion with your friends and family.

Working with our recommended suppliers means that you can be sure of their professionalism and commitment.  They are local independent providers, so they don't get held up in traffic or get lost on the way.  Read on for more detail.

Church: If you are both practising Catholics you can be legally wed in our local  church.  Over the years we built  a good relationship with the priest and can organise the paperwork and liaise with the church on your behalf.   They welcome couples from outside the parish, and part of the service can be delivered in English if that's your preference. 

Florist: We work very closely with our local florist in achieving your wishes. We usually accompany our couples to the florist to discuss options and quotes.  


DJ: We work with the same DJ every week. This means that he knows the venue back to front from a technical point of view understanding what works best in the ceremony area, or any other part of the venue and having worked at countless weddings with us he is used to playing the right mix of music. We can liaise him on your behalf and also provide suggested playlists. On our dance floor we have a combination of lights including strobe, lazer and moving lights as well as the all important smoke machine. 

Live musicians:  We have our favourite Spanish guitarists and bands but you are not restricted as to whom you can use.

Photographer:  And likewise, we have our favourite photographers but you are not restricted as to whom you can use.  We can put you in touch with photographers who have shot weddings at Rancho before and you can see look at their work to see if they suit your style.  Oh and do use a professional photographer.  And if one of your guests is a professional photographer make sure they know whether they are being invited as your official photographer or as a guest because they can't be both. 

Videographer:  Not everyone has a videographer but as you know "time flies when you are enjoying yourself" and it's wonderful to not only to be able to re-live the day as you remember it, but catch glimpses of the bits you missed.  

Hair and make up:  We have our favourite stylists that we recommend but you are not restricted as to whom you can use.

Transport: We work with a local company who have 30-50 seater coaches and who can pick up and drop off your guests from Málaga to Marbella. 


Thinking of choosing us as your wedding venue in Spain? 
Contact us to find out more about getting married at Rancho del Inglés.

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